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Maine Death Care: Unusual Name, Useful Site.

There is an old saying that only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Since there are many political and financial web sites that are devoted to the subject of taxes, we won't dwell on them at this site.

Maine Death Care is a site where news, information, and opinion regarding the death care industry in Maine is collected into one location. We have information on funeral practices, burials and cremations, and related issues. We also provide contact information for the various governmental agencies which regulate the death care industry in Maine.

We are hopeful that this web site will fulfill a need for a centralized repository of information from a variety of disparate sources, into one easy to navigate site. We have gathered this information from a variety of sources, and to the best of our knowledge, it is accurate and current.

What's New?

48 Forgotten Lives Honored in Pittston

Riverside Cemetery Association recognizes the people buried in the cemetery's south end whose identities have been lost to time. Read the story at the Kennebec Journal.


At Augusta cemetery, veterans' graves get long-awaited attention.

Many of the headstones at Mount Pleasant Cemetery belong to Union soldiers who died in city hospitals during the Civil War. Read the story at Portland Press Herald.


Buried ashes on private land put Scarborough neighbors at odds.

A woman objects to a driveway being built on adjacent property but near a memorial site for her spouse, raising questions on landowner rights and family plot laws. Read the story at the Portland Press Herald web site.


A tragic and disturbing story from Etna.

Family, police seek answers after grave was desecrated in Etna. Read the story in the Bangor Daily News


City negotiating to bring crematorium to Oak Hill Cemetery.

A national crematory company is negotiating a lease with the city to build at the front of Riverside Drive's Oak Hill Cemetery. Read the story in the Sun Journal.


Harrison officials taking inventory of cemeteries, researching ownership.

Town Clerk Melissa St. John said people came to the Town Office to purchase lots at Bolsters Mills Cemetery on Bolsters Mills Road and that got her thinking about graveyards in town.Read the story in the Sun Journal.


Gardiner residents hope neglected family cemetery can be restored.

A recently rediscovered small cemetery dating to the 19th century has been vandalized and is in the middle of a gravel pit owned by Drilling & Blasting Rock Specialists. Read the story in the Kennebec Journal.


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